Roast Apple (photo Oliver Schweers)

Roast Apple are the new poster boys for fresh and honest German indie-pop straight out of Hamburg. The music of their new EP Young Hearts (released on 28 February 2017), more than lives up to its title. The four lads from the north of Germany, in their early 20s, sing about love, life and the Zeitgeist of their generation.

When on stage Roast Apple, unleash a ferocious energy with few equals. With their sweaty shirts from jumping around the stage, accompanied by thumping bass rhythms, disco beats, and a barrage of positive lightness as if there was no tomorrow, you just have to experience the atmosphere and ambience of one of their gigs.

Roast Apple (photo Oliver Schweers)
Roast Apple (photo Oliver Schweers)

Touring around Europe, Roast Apple appeared at the Skandalös festival on the German-Danish border, the world exhibition in Milan and everywhere else in between. Their big break came when they performed on TV for the legendary WDR Rockpalast, cementing their national fan base.

Preluding their upcoming EP Young Hearts, Roast Apple released the video to their latest song Encore from the album on YouTube today, quickly revving up view counts and generating a positive buzz about their sound. Young Hearts was produced, but Daniel Holtz, who is responsible for the sound and success of artists such as Razz and Enno Bunger. The team spent two weeks hauled up at the famous Ducklake Studios in Friesland; the result, an EP that expresses the pure energy and passion for music that unites the four boys from the flat part of Germany.

It is this passion that makes Roast Apple such a special band to see live and that lights up any festival line up. To quote Marco Hontheim (Jupiter Jones) “Those who have seen Roast Apple live, know how infectious their positive energy is”. |

Photos: Oliver Schweers

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