Electric duo Vallis Alps exhilarated the crowd on their Australian Fable Tour, ahead of their new EP release due March 31st. The crowd began to warm up to the hip-hop vibes unleashed from BARO in an effortlessly cool performance.

It wasn’t long until Vallis AlpsParissa Tosif’s vocals captured the warm and tender vibes, which were heavily complimented by the soaring entertainment of David Ansari’s production.

Opening with their second single East from their upcoming Fable EP, it was evident their performance was going to be both colourful and uplifting. The talented duo showed skills in their multi-tasking ways to singlehandedly produce the elevated synths and unwavering drum echoes that create such a capacious sensation.

Soon into the set the ethereal vocal tones creeped under your skin as they performed one of their new songs Run. David continued to show his undeniable talent when he moved through the textural layering by introducing both piano and guitar.

The crowd was further warmed with the highly anticipated electro-anthem Young. It was evident every soul in the room could connect on an emotional level to the pensive lyrics. David’s passionate energy was exemplified through his guitar, whilst Parissa blended the shadowy soundscape with her vocals and electric drum pad.

As they brought the crowd along this impeccable journey, it came to a close with their sonic paradise chimes of Fading. Parissa smoothly introduced the song by expressing her hope that it “gives the audience lots of joy and happiness” which it undoubtedly did for every individual there. The glistening production and lyrics provided an escape and sense of composure amongst the whole atmosphere of the room.

Their upcoming EP was described by Parissa to be “inspired by all the different experiences we’ve had over the years” and is ready to ignite fans soon.

Review by Gabbie Morton and photography by Phoebe Kelly.

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